Tori Judo is a Registered Judo Club, a member of the Australian Kodokan Judo Association, member of the World Judo Federation as part of the Victorian Amateur Judo Union. Originally established under the license of Shudokan Judo Academy, which was led by Ivan Zavetchanos and Celie Zavetchanos, with its origins dating back to 1947-48. Tori Judo is now a VAJU registered club under its own name. The club's objective is that of promoting and growing the martial art of Judo.


The club specialises in Judo classes for all ages and levels puts emphasis on every element of the martial art: Fitness & Agility, Technique, Randori & Shihai (Sparring and Contest) and finally Kata (Official/Traditional Forms) as well as practical application through aspects of Self Defence.

Head Coach and Club Founder:

  • 18 Years of Judo Experience.

  • Trained and competed in countries such as Australia, Poland, The Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Japan, Lithuania, Hungary, Sweden, Finland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Samoa, Brasil, Argentina. 

  • Experience in different coaching styles having trained at various clubs around the world often few months at a time. Participated in many international training camps either as a member or training alongside national Judo teams. Current students at the club have been winning medals at local and National Level and the head coach holds the current National Title in Under 90kg as well as in the Open Weight Category.

    • Some of the  Achievements:​

      • ​2018, 2017, 2016, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 Australian Kodokan Judo Championships, Gold and Silver Medals at Men's Open, U100kg, U90kg, depending on the year of competition.

      • 2015 - Grand Champion in Fukuda Kata Tournament in San Francisco with Kata Partner Damon Ellis.

      • 2018 Okasa Friendship Judo Tournament - 3rd Place in Team Tournament.

      • 2012 Osaka Friendship Judo Tournament - 2nd Place in Under 30 years division

      • 2011 World Judo Federation Championships - Rio De Janeiro - 3rd Place U90kg

      • 2009 Ithaki Tournament Greece, 2nd Place in Senior Men's Division

  • Experience in Kata:

    • Nage No Kata,, Katami No Kata, Kime No Kata, Goshinjutsu No Kata, Juno Kata, Itsutsu No Kata, Koshiki No Kata,​

Jakub Ref.jpg
4th Dan
Head Coach
Jakub Sawczuk 


Konur Kent
1st Dan - Regular
Zackary Gardener
1st Dan - Regular


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Affiliation & Memberships:

- Victorian Amateur Judo Association Member

- Australian Kodokan Judo Association Member

- World Judo Federation Member

City of Port Phillip Licenses::

- Commercial Personal Training and Fitness Group Permit

- Outdoor Operating License