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Code of Conduct

Revised 11/06/2021

1. Bow when entering and leaving the mat with heels together and to show respect to the teacher and your training partners during the session.

2. All students have to wear a washed judogi. Judogi has to be the right size.

3. Wearing of uniforms other than white or that are not Judo uniforms requires permission from the teacher.

4. Students need to be changed and dressed in their uniforms by the time the class is ready to start.

5. Leaving the mat can only be done by requesting permission from the teacher.


6. All techniques and instructions are to be followed to the best of student’s ability.


7. Inability to follow instructions, failure to perform to the skills required by a certain rank can result in lowering the students rank and require them to re-take exams.


8. Students may be asked to attend a different session if the class is too advanced, or they cannot keep up with the instructions and it is disrupting the other practitioners.


9. When wearing a belt representing a rank from another club you need to be able to provide proof of your rank. Showing of ranks from other martial arts may be accepted depending on their relevance to Judo and especially to inform others of your technical level, but should be discussed with the teacher ahead of the class. Students failing to provide proof of rank will be asked to wear a white belt.

10. Eligibility for an exam will be informed by a head coach, once the student meets the prerequisites, and requesting an exam is not allowed unless a date of the exam date has been announced prior. Before enquiring the student needs to know they meet the exam criteria based on the handbooks.


11. Respective questioning of the exam result or tournament rules or results is prohibited and is only allowed maximum once. We ask that this is done in a respectful way. Student is asked to refer to the grading and tournament rules prior to any enquiry and can request those in the first place.


12. Any cuts need to be taped up, no blood stains permitted. Judogi needs to be changed if stained.


13. Proper Hygiene, clean & short nails, long hair tied up.


14. Jewellery needs to be taken off and piercings if not possible to take out need to be taped up.

15. Wearing masks is recommended during pandemic, especially when outside the mat but also on the mat, even if it is not required by the local authorities. Anyone attending the hall is to use the QR scanner to sign in.

16. Students showing symptoms of illness, feaver, coughing, skin condition, etc are not allowed on the mat, unless proof can be provided of it not being contagious.

17. No shoes on the mat & walking barefoot outside the mat is not allowed.


18. Wash and sanitize hands and face and skin. No BO permitted, bring deodorant if you need to.

19. No wearing of make up during exercise.

20. No talking on the mat unless permitted. No offensive language.


21. All students are to follow instructions and perform the designated exercises.


22. Talking over the teacher on interrupting instructions is prohibited.


23. Any prior or sustained injuries need to be informed to the instructor.


24. Exercise precaution and follow safety instructions. Prohibited or dangerous techniques or incorrectly following instructions is not permitted.


25. Intentional dangerous actions are banned.


26. No sitting on the mat, other than kneeling when instructed to do so.


27. No sharing of water bottles. No food on the mat and no eating during class.


28. No smoking or drinking alcohol outside or inside the hall. Intoxicated people or under the influence of illicit substances will be escorted out.


29. Parents or spectators watching the class are required to remain silent during the class. Spectators may be asked to leave the session if it is distracting or disrupting the class.


30. Any new person attending the class or the hall is required to go to the head coach for permission to remain in the hall and provide their name and contact details.


31. If arriving late person is asked to wait at the door and enter once permitted by the head coach.


32. When outside the club you are not permitted to act on behalf of the club unless permitted by the head instructor.


33. Organising of events, fundraising initiatives, training, attending tournaments that are not organised by the club or its parent organisation is done at your own discretion and will not be associated with the club.

34. Selection for tournament to represent the club needs to be confirmed by the head instructor but can also be revoked.

35. Voluntary activities, helping during class or with club activities are part of the spirit of martial arts and do not wave your obligation to abode to any of the above conditions.

36. Highest rank below the teacher is allowed to run the session when appointed to do so. Sessions or use of premises or equipment cannot be done without prior permission from the teacher. In absence of the highest rank the next highest rank can run the class when permitted by the head coach. Teaching by appointed lower ranks below the head coach is a voluntary activity and is part of general practice used to further

the practitioner’s knowledge, by definition they are rereferred to as instructors, but cannot gain a rank of a teacher or a coach.


37. All teachers or coaches need to meet the certification criteria to teach the class and have valid registrations. This applies to lower lever instructors as well.. Anyone below a master rank of Dan (Black Belt) is not formally acknowledged as a teacher based on the Kodokan Judo definition. To put it in context, Dan grades are master ranks. Traditionally a 4th Dan used to be considered a Sensei. Due to the difficulty of reaching higher ranks, minimum requirement is that an experienced 1st Dan or above can teach,

unless permitted. Performing of exams is done up to one level below the examiner and requires prior permission from the Head Coach.


38. Self practice at home, teaching, doing Judo techniques on unexperienced people outside of club is not permitted and if still performed is done so at ones own risk.

39. Helping to set up and pack up the equipment and clean up after the class is part of the general club etiquette. No rubbish or leftover equipment is permitted.

40. Contacting teachers outside standard business hours is not permitted and if necessary can be done in writing, unless it’s a genuine emergency. All contact details can be found on the website.

41. Person can be refused entry or asked to leave and prohibited from returning by failing to abode to any of the above conditions. The club reserves the right to prohibit anyone from attending indefinitely when not meeting the code of conduct.


42. Prices and class schedules are to be taken from the website:


43. For latest announcements students are encouraged to follow the Facebook page of

the club:


44. Any enquiries can be submitted in writing to

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